Mark your calendars for the 151st edition of the Havelock Fair, taking place on September 9-10, 2023.

The Fair grew out of the pride of what local farmers and their households produce and still holds close to its original goal to showcase rural agricultural life, both its joys and challenges.

The Fair draws not only the local population but also people from neighbouring communities as well as larger urban centres whose ancestors may have lived a way of life of which the fair is a reminder. Throughout the years the fair has remained a community event worth celebrating. As a family day, a social time, it is fun and educational, and it puts us in contact with the heart of rural life and its people.
In its initial year, the Fair featured chiefly exhibits of agricultural products, implements, etc, as well as a ploughing match.

Main attractions nowadays include live music all day long, lunch, display of heritage and rare animal breeds, antique vehicles, arts and crafts, plants and flowers, fruits and vegetables, homemade produce and more.

Prior to 1958, the Fair was held on Wednesday and local schools were closed. It is now held on a weekend, and last year it was expanded from a one-day event to two days.

Hope to see you there!


2022 Officers

President: Keith McAdam
Vice-president: Joey Ruck
Treasurer: Ken McFarlane
Secretary: Rommy Hernandez Tenorio


Pat Healey
Martin Henderson
Sylvie Lussier
Douglas McAdam
Maureen McNeil
Donald Pelletier
Nadeana Tannahill
Doug Whyte
Kevin Whyte


The fair would not be possible without the help of many volunteers every year. Would you like to help us out? If so, please contact us!